Pianos in City of London:

Pianos in London:

Lyric Square

Location: Lyric Square, King St, Hammersmith, W6 0QL
Open 10am- 7pm (I think !) If found locked - keys held at theatre reception.

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  1. D-n-K's Piano Dash took place on 7 July - All 30 pianos played across London in the space of just 12 hours! Tracks from the album No XCUSES were played and funds were raised for the Help for Heroes charity. Please visit www.d-n-k.co.uk.
  2. It was painted blue and looked really nice in the rain today :) Didnt get a chance to play it because there were a lot of morris dancers in the square - but admired it and found a leaflet saying that you could win one of the street pianos if you sent in videos and such :) That's such a coool idea!
    I would LOVE a street piano!!! :)

    We played best in Leicester square, the videos and pics are over there :)

  3. I am the original salman lol i also rapped with julian in that song
  4. fantastic Julian and the rapper ! hats off to Luke J
  5. Katzenjammer play 24 streetpianos including this one!

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