Pianos in City of London:

Pianos in London:

British Library

Location: British Library Courtyard, 96 Euston Road, NW1 2DB
Piano opens with the gates of the square. 9.30am -8pm

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  1. Candy from Strangers performed by MJWB on street pianos throughout London, UK. July, 2009.

    Sound by Oscar Cainer
    Shot and edited by Adam Woods

    Candy from Strangers written by Ward-Bergeman/Omar/Barrett
    Copyright Voxumbilical Music 2009
    All rights reserved
  2. Where did you get those socks?
    where did you get that style !?...
  3. A really nice Broadwood piano - yes tuning a little bit off but this produced some really wonderful and strange overtones. Again thank you so much to the security guy for being so lenient and kind to us!
  4. Fish are jumping and the living is easy......
  5. D-n-K's Piano Dash took place on 7 July - All 30 pianos played across London in the space of just 12 hours! Tracks from the album No XCUSES were played and funds were raised for the Help for Heroes charity. Please visit www.d-n-k.co.uk. Unfortunately, this piano was in terrible condition! Not even an expert player like Dan could do much with it!

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