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Victoria Park

Location: Victoria Park, Windmill Hill. This piano has now gone to ‘piano heaven’ and is no longer available to play. News about whether it will be replaced by the organisers will be posted here soon.

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  1. About one of the street pianos in London.........

    I love playing piano, but when I moved in London from my own country (Italy) in Sep 2008, I was left without a piano to play on. The only one I could access was partially broken and located in a dark cellar - not really an expiring condition to play.

    Then one day, during summer, I walk over the millenium bridge and I
    see someone playing a piano. He stops playing - gets up and goes away. Someone else sits and starts playing. People gather around and listen. I think - "this is brilliant".

    I got the habit to go there - near millenium bridge - each night -
    between midnight and one. I made music - I met incredibly interesting people who stopped and listened to me playing: the reason I went at 1,00am is that people who pass by will only stop and listen
    if they genuinely like what are you playing.

    I was never used to play in front of others - before, I only played
    for myself - and I realized that I was missing
    one of the most important aspects of music. Sharing.

    Plus, playing in an open space is something totally different.
    Especially if the open space is right next to millenium bridge.
    The soul of the musician and the sound can expand without boundaries and he becomes free. Plus, as it is the
    aim of the project, people can claim back their urban space and use
    it to rediscover togetherness through music.

    Thanks so much for this.
  2. It was amazing to hear the tinkling of the ivories from across the park ... those sunny days after school the kids gathered around and made sounds that they will always remember. When the park was quiet, the more timid of us would sneak over and try to pick out music unplayed for years. The white piano's life with us was brief, but it was beautiful. Thank you.
  3. This is how I found the piano in Victoria Park early on Sunday morning after walking the dog. Though I was aware of the project I hadn't been aware we had a piano in our park until other dog walkers told me but excitement at the news soon turned to disappointment when I saw that my two children where robbed of the opportunity to have a piano experience themselves. I went home to get my camera so that we have at least a momento of the piano before it was removed to prevent it from causing further damage if torched. It is a pathetic act and those responsible have nothing but my pity that their ambitions are so worthless and their self respect so low that they chose to destroy something unique given to them to enjoy.
  4. Continued From: Southmead Green

    This was piano number 12.

    Played 5th September 2009 15:25

    Award To This Piano: Prettiest & Whitest
    (Gold pen showed up best!)

    Next stop: Broadwalk Shopping Centre
  5. wow I have just met this piano with a few of my friends.
    we were just critisizing the graffitti and literally a couple of minutes later we were told we could.
    yes! i ran home especially to get a pen to sign it!!

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