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St Georges Park

Location: St Georges Park, Church Road, St Georges. This piano is no longer available to play.

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  1. Brilliant film with a great animation
  2. It is the park in St George hence it is St George Park...no need for the s on the end of either!
  3. This photo was taken before the piano went. Such a shame but it brought a lot of joy to many people before it was cremated.
  4. I went up to the park specifically to play the piano, only to be told by the park wardens that it had been burned... Really diappointing.
  5. On the morning of 11 September (9/11) I saw that the piano in St George park had been set on fire during the night; The charred timber and metal frame were being hauled away. In the evening I returned through the park and found this lock from the piano lid...

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