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St Andrews Park

Location: St Andrews Park, St Andrews

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  1. A nice surprise, our niece had a go, not very tuneful but rock n roll!!
  2. I heard about this project only this morning, when I accidently stumbled upon a short write-up on someone's blog. Immediately, I changed, grabbed a map or two and started asking for directions to St. George's Park. I live in Frenchay, by the way.

    I then took a slow 2.5 hour walk from Frenchay all the way to St. George's Park but couldn't find the piano. I asked a guy at the park and he said it was burnt down on friday. I then spent another hour walking to St. Andrews Park. At last, I got to play the piano! Yahoo! Some of the keys were already spoilt but nonetheless it was fun! Great experience!!
  3. I absolutely love this idea – it encourages creativity and brings people together; gives children a chance to play an instrument they may not have at home and brings music outside! In St Andrew's Park, someone has placed plants on top of the piano and written 'grow me I'm yours'. Seeing things like this reminds me why I love living in Bristol. Thank you Luke! x
  4. Continued From: Turbo Island

    This was piano number 10.

    Played 5th September 2009 13:25

    Award To This Piano: Piano In Nicest Park

    Next stop: Southmead Green
  5. St. Andrews Park, St. Andrews 6

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