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Southmead Green

Location: Southmead Green. This piano was removed due to residents’ complaints after people kept breaking the lock at night and playing in the early hours. However, there have also been even more many complaints that the piano was removed !!  So the piano may well return !!

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  1. We have had to remove this piano as we have received complaints about noise late at night from local residents - sorry we are unable to ensure that it is not played after 8pm.
  2. Continued From: St Andrews Park

    This was piano number 11.

    Played 5th September 2009 14:00

    Award To This Piano: Piano Chained To Strangest Object

    Next stop: Victoria Park
  3. Bringing her music from home, she played some great classics for almost an hour, even in the rain!
  4. Know any songs about policemen?
  5. Having a sing song