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Phoenix52 Community Artspace

Location: Phoenix52 Community Artspace, 200 Avonvale Road, Barton Hill. Available to play between 9am and 4-5pm

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  1. The piano project really made me appreciate the random possibilities of life . Like it is when you are very young, and every day is a surprise.

    I came home from work, to the sound of Rachmaninov drifting across Brandon Hill. On my next encounters I met a young Portuguese girl, who could not play "traditionally" but who told me that anything on the piano sounds good, and then a Spanish girl playing Debussy.

    Oddly enough although the Spanish girl she was not speaking Spanish as she played, within five minutes there was a group of six people around the piano all of whom spoke Spanish (not Spanish) and most of us stayed for less than five minutes. Serendipity?

    I am not a superstitious person, but these experiences have refreshed my faith in spiritual things that come through music, and so I should recommend you to the Catalan composer Mompou, who was played at an encore on the Proms that same week.

    Here is something to amuse re lunacy and pianos:http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2006/may/19/martinwainwright.uknews2
  2. This piano is only available to play between 9am and 4-5pm as it is locked behind shutters in front of the Phoenix52 Community Artspace at 200 Avonvale Road.
  3. Continued From: Broadwalk Shopping centre

    This was piano number 14.

    NOT Played 5th September 2009 17:00

    Award To This Piano: Most Illusive
    NB: We could not find this piano. We think it is behind the shop shutters that were firmly closed at the time of our visit. Sadly no photo and only piano I could not sign!

    Next stop: Clifton Place
  4. This is where the piano is.
  5. Had trouble installing the piano here in the wind today. Fish and chips for lunch.