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Broadwalk Shopping Centre

Location: Broadwalk Shopping Centre, Knowle

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  1. Eastenders?
    this is just a random video of brooke playing on a piano :P in broadwalk shopping centre, knowle , bristol !!!
  2. Kids just love having a go. Such a fun idea!
  3. This is a great idea. Had a tinkle the other day. Pity it's such a terrible piano............ badly out of tune, and dampers not working. Almost un-playable.
    I'm going to try some others around the city today......... very exciting!!
  4. This is an amazing idea, I had brilliant fun twinkling on this piano an the one in castle park. Anyone know how long it is on for?
  5. Hurrah..........piano open and being well used. New location next to Wilkinsons.

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