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Pfluger Bridge

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  1. Howdy, Jennie... (Jenny, maybe, don't know how they spell it in England.)
    I'm the tall hippie that helped you paste the letters today on the piano in the middle of LADY BIRD LAKE, on the bridge of course. What you are doing out in the public byways inspired my to bang on the keys myself. It was a wonderful experience (Monday, the day the piano was in the paper) Good luck and I hope you enjoy Austin.
    george knaak (
    p.s. You're prettier than that Kate Middleton Chick. I couldn't help but notice when you sat on the bench between me and the young man playing the piano. I think his name is Hunter...and you were busy with what turned out to be letters. Hey, Thanks Again for what you are doing. A young lad with his mother came up to you and had just played "down stairs". The look on his face fills a day worth of happy.
  2. I don't know the player, but a random piano being played on the bridge was nice to see...
    Welcome to the "Live Music Capitol of the World" aka: Austin, Texas!
  4. My mom, Mary, enjoying an unexpected treat on the way to Cap 10.
  5. Not a great picture but here is my friend playing the piano on earth hour night.

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