• Image from StreetPianos around the world
  • Image from StreetPianos around the world
  • Image from StreetPianos around the world
  • Image from StreetPianos around the world
  • Image from StreetPianos around the world
  • Image from StreetPianos around the world

Play Me, I’m Yours

Touring internationally since 2008, Play Me, I’m Yours is an artwork by British artist Luke Jerram. Reaching over six million people worldwide – more than 1,300 pianos have already been installed in 45 cities across the globe, from New York to London, bearing the simple instruction ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’.

Located in public parks, bus shelters and train stations, markets and even ferries the pianos are available for any member of the public to play and enjoy. Who plays them and how long they remain on the streets is up to each community. Many pianos are personalised and decorated by artists or the local community. By creating a place of exchange Play Me, I’m Yours invites the public to engage with, activate and take ownership of their urban environment.

We are delighted to announce that Play Me, I’m Yours is currently live in Nicosia, Cyprus until 26 October 2014.  More 2014/15 cities will be announced in due course – so watch this space! Read More...

Street pianos worldwide

Nicosia: Live

Τηλεοπτική συνέντευξη με τους Σταύρο Κυριακίδη (Πρόεδρο Πολιτιστικού Οργανισμού Avantgarde) και Παύλο Παρασκευά (Διευθυντή Πολιτιστικών Υπηρεσιών Υπουργείου Παιδείας και Πολιτισμού) με θέμα την επικείμενη παρουσίαση της εγκατάστασης Play Me, I'm Yours στη Λευκωσία, από τις 17 – 26 Οκτωβρίου 2014. TV interview with Stavros Kyriakides (President, Avantgarde Cultural Foundation) and Pavlos Paraskevas (Director of Cultural Services, Ministry of Education & Culture) in Nicosia, Cyprus talking about the forthcoming presentation of Play Me, I'm Yours in Nicosia from 17 - 26 October 2014.

July 9th, 1:34pm
Photo of piano


October 17th, 6:04pm
Photo of piano

What i found in old strovolos

October 19th, 4:14pm


A performance from Tom Cannon at the Stoke South Carnival on the lovely remembrance piano.

August 18th, 6:31pm
Photo of piano

This piano is a little difficult to find, but worth the effort. Ask for the Reminiscence Room at reception and entertain the nurses and the elderly folk and make everyone's day!

July 31st, 11:04pm
Photo of piano

You can watch a tiny game of cricket on the piano...

July 31st, 10:51pm


A duet at GCRH on one of the Pop-up pianos during a day when pianos were alive throughout the building.

August 12th, 10:19pm
Photo of piano

'Ming' . . . with a few players crammed onto his lovely double stool

July 26th, 2:36am
Photo of piano

Graeme Stokes giving us a few tunes on the deck at An Clachan while Colin Stone films for STV Glasgow.

July 25th, 11:00am


Who is Stephen Saunders? I know not. He was happily doing his thing on the second day the pianos were sitting out in front of the Arts Centre on the lawn. There were at least four pianos with all sorts of people tinkling. Listen to Stephen play and there is a story there. Tried to locate him via Facebook to let him know this is here but no banannas :/

February 3rd, 12:32am
Photo of piano

The nearby busker had to wait until we were finished (and our crowd abated) before picking up his guitar to continue.

January 10th, 5:45am
Photo of piano

A great day out

January 23rd, 4:49pm