• Image from StreetPianos around the world
  • Image from StreetPianos around the world
  • Image from StreetPianos around the world
  • Image from StreetPianos around the world
  • Image from StreetPianos around the world
  • Image from StreetPianos around the world

Play Me, I’m Yours

Touring internationally since 2008, Play Me, I’m Yours is an artwork by British artist Luke Jerram. Reaching over 10 million people worldwide – more than 1,500 pianos have already been installed in 50 cities across the globe, from New York to London, bearing the simple instruction Play Me, I’m Yours.

Located on streets, in public parks, markets and train stations and even on ferries the pianos are available for any member of the public to play and enjoy. Who plays them and how long they remain on the streets is up to each community. Many pianos are personalised and decorated by artists or the local community. By creating a place of exchange Play Me, I’m Yours invites the public to engage with, activate and take ownership of their urban environment.

Play Me I’m Yours is coming up next in Mesa, Arizona and Singapore in March-April, and for the second year running in Florence, South Carolina in April-May, and for the sixth year running in Grand Genève in June. There are also four of the original 15 Canary Wharf street pianos still available to play, and we are currently working with a number of other potential partners for 2016, so more new cities will be announced in due course – watch this space! Read More...

Street pianos worldwide

Grand Genève

Hymns, Classicals and a combination of Chords from Versoix. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and softness of the piano placed at Versoix. I had a ball

June 18th 2015, 8:55am
Photo of piano

Sur la passerelle au-dessus de l'Aire... Magique!

June 9th 2015, 9:08am
Photo of piano


June 24th 2015, 9:01am

Hong Kong

Reposted from Youtube by Jazzua Leung: Play me I'm yours --- 梁約書鋼琴演奏 @ 皇后大道東 --- 香港人憤怒了 @ PMQ 元創坊 Jazzua Piano Solo --- Queen's Road East --- Angry Hong Kong People @ 2015 in PMQ, Central, HK

September 30th 2015, 7:38pm
Photo of piano

Even babies can get in on the act....

September 7th 2015, 7:09pm
Photo of piano

Piano vs Dance!! #playmeimyours #playmeimyourshk — at PMQ 元創方.

November 9th 2015, 11:37pm


Evening concert with Zoran from Georgien

August 8th 2015, 11:00pm
Photo of piano

Tackar Graphiare för att Ligisd är hos oss och målar ett piano.

June 18th 2015, 12:29pm
Photo of piano


August 9th 2015, 6:52am


Amazing, uplifting performance. Big thanks to Gioele Parise for setting the bar high!

October 16th 2015, 5:33pm
Photo of piano

Thanks for the red balloon over my head, helps my concentration!

October 17th 2015, 5:07pm
Photo of piano


October 19th 2015, 2:40pm